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Donald E. Spix
Riverside CA
(951) 907-1515 / email: donaldspix at yahoo.com

OBJECTIVE: To secure a graphic artist / web design position within a reputable company that will allow me to combine my experience, creativity, strengths, and interpersonal skills while accepting increasing responsibilities with focus on ethics and overall growth opportunities.

EXPERIENCE: Genie Webb – Pasadena, CA

Position held: Web/Computer Graphics Designer

Duties include – Responsible for creating, developing, and implementing web designs and graphics to meet specific commercial and promotional needs. Used a variety of mediums to achieve artistic or decorative effects/demands from clients. Effectively collaborated ideas, layout, graphics (photos, illustrations, videos, etc) and other matters concerning overall graphics design. Successfully collected all text documents and images while converting them into a form/language for ease of uploading and viewing. Mastered knowledge of programs that add special web features, such as animation, flash, clickable email, ability to download files, and other various function. Have working knowledge of FTP (file transfer protocol) and other programs that enable ideas and images to work. General responsibility for technical aspects of various websites, including performance issues, speed of access and approving content for site.


I.D.T TECH – Major: Computer Graphics Design Specialist – Graduated 1998


MS Office - Flash / HTML - Adobe Illustrator -FTP
3D Max / 3D graphics - Corel Draw
Dream Weaver - PhotoShop

REFERENCES: Available Upon Request



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